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Alignment * Architecture * Execution

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Our vision is to maximize your organization's investment in Information Technology (IT), now and in the future, by ensuring that these three key domains are effectively managed:
  • Alignment: IT resources are aligned with the enterprise strategies, goals and priorities 

  • Architectural Integrity: A sustainable and agile architecture is developed to support the enterprise application portfolio

  • Execution:The Information Services function and staff are organized and governed to execute effectively and efficiently 

As each healthcare organization leverages Health IT (HIT) and builds a portfolio of standards compliant applications, healthcare in the aggregate has the potential to be enhanced at the patient, community, regional and national level.  By working with individual healthcare provider organizations and facilitating the effective and efficient adoption of interoperable standards compliant applications, the power of HIT can be leveraged to improve the quality of healthcare, in particular patient care and wellness, while at the same time making it more efficient and cost effective.


Why A2E is relevant to your enterprise:
IT has become integrated into the fabric of a healthcare organization's strategies and operations.  The successful and effective application of IT systems and IT enabled work flow have become critical to the on-going operations and success of healthcare organizations.  Competitive Advantage and the ability to achieve a healthcare entity's Mission have become closely linked to the IT Strategy and its execution.  As a result, planning, managing and controlling the IT agenda has become more critical than ever to the success of the healthcare enterprise.

Why A2E can help you:
William J. Miller, Principal and founder of A2E, brings to bear his significant knowledge and experience to the rapidly changing Healthcare Information Technology environment.  He is well suited to serve as a catalyst in your organization to help you facilitate the appropriate strategic and tactical application of technology to improve patient care and satisfaction while simultaneously making the Information Services (IS) Department more responsive and cost effective.
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